How to transfer the management of my site to an other person?

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    Hello everybody.

    I created a profile/site/domain and I after that, an other one

    Well, I’m not using the first one and I’d like to pass the management to another person. BUT, my login account is used to both sites, and I still use the second one.

    The question: How can I send/transfer the management just for the first one, to an other person?

    Thanks for help and sorry for my bad English.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Here is the support document about transferring a blog to another user:



    Thanks 1tess, I’ve read this topic before.

    But how about my access account? Nothing change? is my main blog, linked with my login.

    If I do the steps, I will use the same login to access my “not main” blog?

    I didn’t understand this question.


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    The process allows you to choose which blog you want to transfer to someone else.

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