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How to translate the comment form?

  1. I want to translate the comments form to my language (greek). I downloaded the files, but still can't find the "Enter your comment here ... " string and the other of the comment's form.
    Blog url:

  2. You're asking on the wrong forum, we can't help with self-hosted blogs here on, sorry. Please read this:

    and then go here to post your query:

  3. Actually, the comment form strings for Jetpack are stored with translations, not with Jetpack translations. It can be a bit confusing, indeed :)

    Is this the string you are looking to translate? Is the current translation suggestion correct? Any other strings you'd like to suggest translations for? If you could confirm the translation, I'll see about it getting approved and available for Greek users.

  4. Yes that is the string, and yes the translation is correct! Thank you very much for your effort!

  5. Done. The translation should start showing up shortly, if it does not in 24 hours, please let me know.

  6. Hello again, thank you for your valuable help! It fits really nice now! I translated some more strings and corrected some other and now I wait for them to be approved. I tried to figure out where to find the top bar buttons for the logged in users "Reply - Edit - AUTHOR" but with no luck! Also I wasn't able to locate the "Leave a reply" title. Can you please help me with that too?

  7. Sorry, I was not able to locate the translations that you've suggested (I searched for your username "johnplagis". Which GlotPress project, and which language project (Greek or Greek Polytonic) did you suggest them to?

    For the buttons that you are referencing, could you please upload a screenshot of where they are appearing (and which theme you are using), so that I can take a closer look? Thanks in advance!

  8. Hi Jenia - may i ask you for the same thing, but for czech language. The translated string is here

    Thank you. I am going to translate most of the rest to czech, this is just something what is needed by many sites with jetpack

  9. Hi there, the Czech translation string you reference above has been deployed.

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