How to try a new theme without losing the old one

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    I would like to try Oxygen theme on one of my blogs but I don’t want to lose all the work I’ve done on the current theme. Is this possible and How do I do this?
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    No, it’s not possible to have more than one themes on a blog at any point in time. That’s why I always recommend that bloggers register another blog, make the visibility private and use it as a test blog. You can even make it a mirror blog so you can see the effect of theme changes and other chnages. Scroll down to “Creating a mirror blog“.

    If you are referring to CSS editing you have done please read on. CSS is theme specific. If you have custom CSS and later change themes, you need to delete whatever CSS you have in the Editor, otherwise, you’ll get undesired results.

    To ‘reset’ a theme, you need to delete the CSS in the Editor, make sure the “add to existing CSS” radio button is checked, then save. Things should go back to normal.


    Thanks for the tip on creating a mirror! Will try that out.



    It works great. When you have a mirror blog you know exactly what every change will appear like on your main blog. Not only that, but as it’s a “mirror” you can export from your main blog and import the XML files into it periodically and have a backup of your main blog. Every blogger needs a private test blog and every blogger ought to conisder making it a mirror blog. :)

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