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how to turn emailed comments off

  1. how do i stop receiving comments in my email?

  2. Go to dashboard>options>discussion and untick the option saying email me whenever someone posts a comment

  3. You could start by removing this from your blog
    Email me: eteraz at gmail dot com
    It won't stop those who already have that email address for sending so you could delete the emails or dump the email address and get a new one.

    That is unless you mean the notification email you are getting from wp for incoming comments and if that's the case you can change this on your discussion page.
    ->dashboard - > options -> discussion -> uncheck the boxes

    E-mail me whenever:

    * Anyone posts a comment
    * A comment is held for moderation

  4. One thing you might want to think about, eteraz, is that you get so many comments in a day that you might not notice some of them unless you get emailed. That's the only reason I keep mine going. Maybe you want to think about setting up a different email address for the comments to go to, to keep it separate from your regular one. Send yourself a gmail invite and you can keep one just for WordPress and comments.

  5. good point coaster.

    i will consider this.

    this thread is resolved.

  6. blayde, thanks so much. All of those emails have been driving me nuts, and the solution was so simple. ;)

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