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    Is there any way to turn of the comments from other blogs.

    Email boxes are being flooded by comments.

    WordPress has altered the setting when you make a comment, and there are so many complaints against this around blogs i visit.

    But there’s no point complaining to support because it will not be changed back.

    The blog I need help with is


    If you open the email with the new comment in it, I believe there is a link that allows you to manage the comments you follow. Click that link and then you can “unfollow” comments from whatever blogs you choose.

    Then, just remember to uncheck the “follow comments” box every time you make another comment on a blog.



    Making it automatically subscribe to comments is very sneaky. Why do I need to read what everyone else has written to the author? =/



    I went here > Settings > Discussion
    and I disabled this
    Follow Comments __ Show a ‘follow comments” option in the comment form



    Timethief, you are my hero! Rushing back to my dashboard to make this change. Thanks so much.



    You’re welcome. Now I’m wondering how many others didn’t know they could do this.


    @ Pete a good find, your smarter than the average Pete :)

    @TT, i did what you said and the box is gone, that means that people can comment ok, but what if they want a reply ?


    I think maybe Pete’s would be best, because you can stop comments from posts going back weeks / months rather than stopping all comments.



    Juts to put this in perspective for your & Pete I am livid!


    Sorry TT, but i want people to get an answer if they ask a question or thier comments warrents an answer.



    Livid at lil ole me? =/ I didn’t do nuttin’



    I don’t comprehend what you mean. Everyone posting wants help and gets help. If the Volunteers cannot provide it then we flag the thread for Staff.

    If anyone wants to contact TPTB in the Automattic corporacracy(link at the bottom of this page) and communicate with the decision makers, who tell the Staff which changes to make, they can do that.



    OMG! no. Not livid at you. Livid about what everyone else is livid about.



    Oh! That’s alright then, I don’t know who thought it was a good idea in the first place. Supposing I comment on someones post, then that post gets freshly pressed, I’ll wake up with 500 e-mails the morning after, idiotic.


    OK TT, i can tell you people are livid about this change but as i said whats the point, people complained about the last change all over the forum and to support nothing changed.

    Thanks for your help and i think i’ll use both answers.


    A follower said, “I couldn’t email you because you came up a no reply. How do I change that?



    None of the fixes we can do is perfect: you need to uncheck all three “follow” boxes or it reverts to the situation as before when you leave the page. In any case, it only removes the checked option box from your own blog, thus saving SOME only of the extra emails. The “unscubscribe” option only works retrospectively – if you forget to uncheck the follow box when commenting, you will have to unsubscribe all over again.
    It’s a lot of hassle for no benefit.

    As regards finding replies to your comments when you’ve asked a question, these come up on your header bar – the little orange number refers to responses not just to your own blog, but to comments on other blogs.

    It’s interesting that the “notify me” box below this reply is UNchecked!



    …the change is annoying but relatively easy to fix, but it still makes no sense to change the default so the ‘send me an email’ box is pre-ticked: if someone leaves a comment on a WordPress blog while logged into their WordPress account the comment, and any subsequent comments, automatically appear in the “Comments I’ve Made” section.

    Plus, we don’t need the email notification because that box in the top right corner next to our name turns yellow when someone replies to our comment, and any other comment automatically appears in the “Comments I’ve Made” section of our dashboard.

    I guess someone at WP really, really, wants us to know when a comment thread has been continued.

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