How to turn off site forwarding?

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    I set up a blog at within the last month. When I did, I purchased the domain for and had that point to the free site.

    I have since migrated the site to a host and it’s largely up and going. I thought I changed DNS last night, but it was very late and I’m no techie. This morning I can access both sites by typing directly in the address bar, but the other authors are still being redirected to the .com site.

    Is there something I still need to do to turn off the forwarding from to so that we can all access the new site? I remember reading something last night about a 60-day time frame, but it also said I could go ahead and rename my dns, which I did.


    The blog I need help with is



    Ugh. I went in to the store>domains from the dashboard on the .com site and changed the primary domain, but now we can’t access the .com site to pull the last few pieces off that didn’t transfer. Is there any way to make neither of them primary – to allow us to simply access both sites from the address bar?



    UGH! Now I can’t access the site at all! There isn’t a store>domains options in and I can’t access the primary domain option at all, even to switch it back for a little bit to pick up other materials that didn’t transfer. Does anyone have an idea how to separate these two sites and have them just point to their own sites?

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