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How to type an enye on WP?

  1. How do I type an "enye" on WP? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is an an "enye"? Is it the tilde ~ which is found in uppper case on the key to the leaft of the number 1 key on your keyboard that you are referring to?

  3. Also note there is a Spanish speaking forum for bloggers here > Perhaps you can get help there.

  4. I've searched in Special Characters in OOo Writer, not all fonts have this Spanish character.

    Do you see what you are looking for here? (I do because me and my computer are both Spanish)

    Ñ ñ

  5. I'm sorry. Seems all Latin fonts of text processor have the Ñ, but I had never searched for it before.
    This is a way, searching in the special characters in a text processor.

    Another way may be to use any spelling checker for Spanish and write Espana. Firefox has one as a plugin.

  6. @ludusnaturae
    Thank you for entering the thread an helping. :)

  7. Visual editor: click button row 2 no 8:

    HTML editor: paste HTML Entity or Code Decimal shown here:

    Visual or HTML editor: copy-paste from another source.

  8. That's what I always do when I need an accent. Faster than memorizing shortcuts.

  9. What is the code for an Irish accent?

  10. @TSP: If you mean the ´ accent, it's like this...
    Á ALT+0193
    É ALT+0201
    Í ALT+0205
    Ó ALT+0211
    Ú ALT+0218
    á ALT+0225
    é ALT+0233
    í ALT+0237
    ó ALT+0243
    ú ALT+0250

    I had copied-pasted the URL of a website giving those codes but it looks like Akismet intercepted.

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