How to undo or select only some of "Recommended Links"

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    Below the editing pane of a blog post (article) there “Recommended links” with the only choice “Apply all”

    So, is it possible to and how to:

    • to undo/revert pressed and published with “Apply all”
    • to select only some of the recommended links


    The blog I need help with is



    Are you referring to Zemanta?

    You can use as many of the Zemanta recommendations as you like, or you can ignore of all of them — totally up to you! Once you’ve added recommendations, you’ll need to manually delete any that you don’t want.



    Just like keycaptchaured I want to use some and only some of the Zemanta “Recommended Links” however the only choice is “Apply All”. I do not want to apply all and then have to manually go through deleting the unwanted links.

    So does anyone know of a way to apply “Recommended Links” individually?



    I just click on each recommended link that I want to add. If I change my mind, I click on it again and it is no longer in the list of recommended links. When you click on the link you want, there should be a tiny orange banner that runs across the top right corner. Click it again and it’s gone. The same works on tags as well, except it’s an orange outline of the tag box.

    If you’re not able to do the above, I’m thinking you might be using IE? If so, which version? Anything under 9 then you might want to upgrade.
    (I’m using Chrome btw)



    figgyphils many thanks. Just what I needed.

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