how to unpublish a post

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    I swear I’ve done this before but I’ve been reading pieces on the ‘net for 30 minutes and haven’t stumbled onto anything that maps to current version of WP on How to I simply “unpublish”? I found one other post in the form here saying they’d also spend a bunch of time looking but then the post was closed with no answer.

    I’m probably missing the obvious. Please give exact instructions, don’t just say “in the publish pane” because if I can’t find the publish pane, I can’t do the step.



    The blog I need help with is



    OK, stumbled on it.

    1. go to WP Settings
    2. select Posts
    3. hover over the piece and an edit link appears.
    4. click the edit link
    5. in the upper right you’ll see a Publish section
    6. next to Status it shows Published. click Edit
    7. set to Draft and click OK
    8. click the blue Update button at the bottom of the Publish section
    9. voila! that was easy!

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