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How to upgrade so that I can run ads on my free blog.

  1. Hello,

    I am not sure how to go about upgrading my free blog, so that I will be able to run ads.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need a link to the blog please.

  3. My question is not related to your request. Nevertheless, you can easily figure out ""

    Please let me know if you can answer my concern!

  4. Didn't mean to come out as rude. I am new to blogging.

  5. My question IS related to your request. We have people here all the time asking questions about self-hosted blog, who have an unused blog at that they started or signed up for and then did nothing with. a third of the people asking questions don't have blogs hosted here and we cannot help them.

    There is no upgrade. Advertising is, except for a couple very narrow exceptions, not allowed on wordpress.COM. For the exceptions, see the last sentence under "Affiliate marketing blogs" in the bottom set of bullet points in the "types of blogs link below.

  6. Thanks for your reply!

    What you said---> "a third of the people asking questions don't have blogs hosted here and we cannot help them."

    So, if I choose to host my blog here (and I don't know how to go about it), there is a chance to run ads on my blog ?

    And from your helpful link " , I just read that ---->"an upgrade to allow you to do your own ads is still on the radar."

    So now I have 2 questions.

    1. How soon will WordPress come up with an upgrade, which allows users to run ads at a premium price/month or /year.

    2. If I have to host a personal (mydomain) blog on wordpress, what are the steps needed. How much it costs me.

    Thanks a lot

  7. First off, you need to understand the differences between the wordpress.COM hosting service, and self-hosted blogs running the wordpress software. See this support document: .

    So, if I choose to host my blog here (and I don't know how to go about it), there is a chance to run ads on my blog ?

    No advertising here will get your blog deleted. It doesn't matter if you have your own domain name or whether you have a URL. That does not matter. If the blog is physically hosted on wordpress.COM you have to comply with their TOS and restrictions.

    1. I've been here for just short of three years, and they were touting the same "on the radar" thing when I first started. Don't hold your breath.

    2. Getting your own domain name and domain mapping is covered here, , but do realize that your blog would still be hosted here at wordpress.COM, so the same "no ads" restriction, and all other restrictions would still apply. The only exception is the VIP upgrade which requires 500,000 hits per month and there is a substantial set up fee ($500+/-) and it will cost you about $600 per month. It is designed for very high traffic blogs such as CNN, People Magazine, etc.

    To run ads, you have to get your own domain name, hire a web host (dreamhost, godaddy, etc.) and self-host your blog. Figure a cost of between $7 and $50 per month depending on storage and bandwidth requirements. Self-hosting means you are responsible for all installations, all upgrades, all troubleshooting and all backups. If you have problems you have to fix them or pay someone to fix it for you.

  8. I appreciate your patience. Thanks a lot. There is no way to run ads, even with hosting domain on wordpress then.

    In that case, I will think about your suggestion on going for a third party hosting service. Would you mind sharing your experience on hosting website separately (3rd party hosting). I saw your website. Its impressive! (

  9. I'm using the tiny shared hosting package at and have been very happy with them. Their 24-hour/365day technical support is quick and knowledgable, and they always respond quickly if there is a problem, but I have experienced few problems there.

    I have a friend with DreamHost, and she is reasonably happy with them although she has had issues getting timely responses from their technical support.

    You can see this page, http://wordpress.ORG/hosting/ for more recommendations.

    Also, do a search on the internet for web hosting comparisons or web hosting ratings or web hosting reviews.

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