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How to upload a database backup from an older wordpress site?

  1. From 2006-2009 I had my own domain and used wordpress for my blogging. I ended up losing the domain, and most of the later backups, but I have the backups from the first couple of years, along with the backup of my original theme. I want to get these online so that people can read my posts again as they were pretty popular back then. Please, help me get this old database back online. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You don't mention which version of WordPress the backup was made from, but as long as they are in the WordPress XML format, you can certainly try to import

  3. I believe it's from version 2.15, but I'm not positive.

  4. ok ive run into my 2nd problem, which is the maximum file size of the import being 15mb, which is far too small. My xml is 48.6mb

  5. I've tagged this for Staff assistance. Please be patient while they get back to you.

  6. Have you tried the import? Sometimes imports of larger sizes will work. If not, I will need you to upload your .xml file to a file sharing service like Dropbox so I can try to import it on my end.

    Note that if your old site is offline, images may not be included in the import, and if your export is from a very old version of WordPress, there could be other issues. All the same, we're happy to give it a try.

  7. Thank you for responding, and I'm sorry I haven't gotten back until now, had some things going on here at home.

    I've just tried to upload my xml, and maybe because of how old the file is or the old version, along with the size, it's not letting me upload. It says the file isn't a valid WXR file. I don't know what that means, but I know it's a backup from my old site because when I have my explorer window open and click on the file, I can see posts from the old site in the preview pane.

    Here is the dropbox link to my backup file, at least I hope the dropbox link works as I've never tried to share anything with dropbox before:


    Thank you for your help.

  8. I've added another backup file to the dropbox (link below), because it's a larger file than the first one I tried to upload, and because looking at the preview I'm shown, I can't be sure that the first one isn't just comments from my posts. The 2nd file I'm linking you to I know has the actual posts as well as comments.

    Thank you
    2nd link: [redacted]

  9. Okay, the reason why your files aren't working is because they are not .xml files.

    We can attempt an import of an .sql file, but no media/images will be imported, and it's possible not all of your content will come in. It's best if you can get an actual WordPress export file with an .xml extension.

  10. @jackiedana-Are there any SQL>XML converters out there you can recommend? :)

  11. There are no reliable converters that I am aware of. We have to do it manually with a local WordPress installation, and media files won't transfer in this process. It's also possible that through this process not everything will be imported properly due to the nature of the files.

    The best thing to do is to grab an actual export file from an active WordPress site, but that isn't always possible.

    @theribeye if you confirm that an .xml file is not available, I can attempt the import.

  12. Thank you all for your help. These are the only backup files I still have from when I had the website. I think one of the issues is that when I had the website, it was my own domain, hosted on a server I paid the bill for, and had wordpress installed on it. My ex was the one who did the backups, and when we broke up he took his external hd that had all the more recent backups, and for all I know the proper file format.

    I'm not worried about images to be honest. If I can get the posts online Ill be satisfied. If I can get both the posts and comments both online, I'll be overjoyed. I have the theme we created back then backed up and I'm sure I can adapt it once I pay for a full account.

    Again thank you all for your help.

  13. I've imported your content into the site at The importer is still running so it's possible not all of your content has appeared at this time, but it should complete the process shortly.

  14. jackiedana, I'd just like to say no matter what the results, thank you so much. (the site this backup came from), was a website that meant a great deal to me. I had many loyal readers and followers, and because of my ex not paying the server/domain bill or letting me know when they were due, I lost a site I put 3 years of my life and a TON of work into. I'll never get back all the content I lost because of him taking the backups with him, but what I do have is from the better and more popular days of the site, so I can hope it works.

    Thank you again
    Steven, aka TheRibeyeofyourDreams (2006-09), now TheRibeye

  15. Well, you were right that some stuff might not go through, there's stuff missing from a few posts, and I need to do some cleanup, but the gist of the site is there. Thank you again!

  16. That's awesome. I'm glad I was able to recover most of it for you.

    Let me know if you have any questions or if there's anything else I can do to help you get up and running.

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