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how to upload a google html verification file to my blog

  1. I am trying to enable the google webmaster tools, and have a google html file to upload, but all the photo, video, music upload buttons don't accept html. How do I upload this verification file to my blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Mark,
    We users cannot access metadata files on blogs. There is a very specific process to follow for verification of blog ownership of blogs with the major search engines. Please go here and follow the instructions very carefully.

  3. Oh no! I posted the wrong link - sorry:( Here's the correct one >

  4. You cut and paste their code into the field in your admin tools at Tools>Available Tools> then scroll down to the webmaster tools and enter the code that google gives you. Do the same for Yahoo & Bing. :-)

  5. ~~ timethief, again! LOL! I'm very slow today, I guess & not refreshing -- just very distracted by other things going on!

  6. Thanks so much timethief and mmadfan - it's so easy when you know how.

    All the google dashboard stats say "no data" - I assume that will eventually change now that I have registered/verified, right?

    - mark

  7. It will likely take 24 hours before anything starts to show up in webmaster tools.

  8. You're welcome from me, too!

    When I was doing it, I found Google was fastest, though it did still take a day or two for anything to appear in the tools, Yahoo wasn't too bad, but Bing literally took a couple of weeks before there was much data to see -- they'd crawl about 1% of my blog at a time. So just don't get panicky if there's nothing to see for a while -- like thesacredpath says, it's not instant. :-)

  9. @markgredler
    You're welcome and best wishes with your blog. :)

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