How to UPLOAD a template theme >!!!!

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    Hi this question sounds crazy to you guys maybe,

    I have trawled different sites for ages and i cant understand how to upload a wordpress theme,
    I downloaded a theme and there is a folder/ xhm files etc

    It says go to appearance and click install on the theme section, _ expect i have no install option there.

    i have also tried going to iMPORT and adding a file and this does not do much either.

    any help please i have been sat her for hours

    The blog I need help with is



    You are posting to the worn support forum and we cannot help you here at all. Post to http://wordpress.ORG/support/ as it’s the correct support forum for your software.



    Edit: “worn ” was meant to be “wrong”

    For clarity read > vs. The Differences


    If the site you are talking about is hosted here at wordpress.COM, we cannot add themes at wordpress.COM. We are limited to the themes found in the dashboard under appearance > themes. Themes found on the internet are for self-hosted wordpress blogs using the software from wordpress.ORG.

    Themes here have to be modified to work within the restrictions here and to support the unique features here. Themes straight off the internet (which are for self-hosted blogs) would not work here.


    Guys I desperately need your help.
    I have purchased a custom domain in under the name with the though that I have the option to install my own template.
    After reading at the support section here: that “You can move your blog to a web host that allows editing and uploading of completely custom themes” , I choose a hosting plan in suitable for wordpress.

    When the setup was ready I installed the WordPress application ( ) AND here is my problem, I STILL don’t see any Install button at the Appearance section in Dashboard.
    So, how I will install my template???

    Thanks in advance for your help,



    Hi, you’ll have to go to since we don’t know how to help you here.



    We providee support on this forum ONLY for free hosted blogs. There is no FTP access to them and we cannot install theme into them.

    We do not provide support for those who have WordPress.ORG installs for self hosting at all as they run on different software, they have FTP access and they can install themes. That support forum for installs is here > http://wordpress>ORG/support/

    For clarity read > vs. The Differences



    This blog > a free hosted blog. There is not FTP access to it and you cannot install themes into it. The only themes you can use are found here > Appearance > Themes

    The fact you purchased a domain name changes nothing if the blog remains free hosted here at WordPress.COM . That’s clearly stated here>

    Important Notes Before Upgrading
    Same Rules Apply – The Domain Mapping Upgrade does not enable the permission to use advertising, any kind of prohibited code, or upload additional themes or plugins. With the upgrade, your blog will still be hosted here at, which means that you will not have FTP access to your files and you will still be required to abide by our Terms of Service.


    Thanks for your quick response. Hope to find a way..


    Timethief your second message was really helpful! Thank you soooo much!!!



    You’re welcome and best wishes.


    What a nightmare! I pay for transferring my domain name to and I got a failure message back, that they can’t do the transfer because the domain is new. I have to wait 60 days!! I’m soooo angry



    You don’t have to wait 60 days.
    You can simply change the nameservers to wherever your blog will be hosted. There’s no requirement for you to have your domain name AND your hosting at the same place.



    ~~ airodyssey
    It’s a busy day for our business so I didn’t get back to this thread and I’m so glad you did.

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