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  1. I wanted to import a whole text (.doc) and display it on a page. All I got was a link, and all that shows is a link. So, can a text be uploaded or does it have to be written on that page (and does a page necessarily require a link to a post) ? Maybe it is a silly question but I'm three or four days into this and not getting anywhere yet (though I'm reading through the FAQ and --essentially French forum.
    Thanks for any help.

  2. Text cannot be uploaded per se. What you need to do is copy the text and paste it into the Write Page box. The Upload function is generally for files that you only want to access as files, ie you want to download them, not read them on the website.

    If you're using Word, you'll want to paste the text into Notepad or something else that strips out the formatting and copy from that to paste into the text box. Word adds many invisible tags that can mess up your blog.

    Also: please do not use all capital letters. It's considered to be shouting.

  3. /nod to raincoaster

    What filetypes can I upload?
    Currently you can upload the following: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc , ppt, odt. With the space upgrade you can also upload: mp3, avi, ogg, m4a, mp4, mpg, mov, wav, and wmv.

    Microsoft Word
    see icon 16F if you intend to copy and paste from Word into the visual editor

    However, note what raincoaster has said. Microsoft has included a bunch of stuuf in the html that for formatting and it's problematic. The best case scenario is to use a plain text editor, rather than copying and pasting a bunch of garbage code form Word into the editor that will only partly be removed so you have to use the "code" tab to go in and delete what remains.

  4. Portfolio work: is a method from autonomous learning.

    This is an English speaking technical support forum. The place to post your material above is in your blog and not here.

    Der Platz, zum Ihres Materials oben bekanntzugeben ist in Ihrem blog und nicht hier.

  5. Sehr schoen ausgedrueckt, liebe Timethief ... und zwar, Ihre Sprachfaehigkeiten sind sicher nicht zum unterschaetzen.

    What's 'spam' in German ?

  6. Well, that would either be the English term 'spam' or 'Unerwuenschte Werbung' [Unwanted advertisement]. :)

  7. @energetic
    Danke für Ihr Kompliment. Ich ziehe es vor, die kleine Spitze der Sprachen zu halten, die ich zu mich verstehe. ;)

  8. @carocat
    Es ist gut, daß wir drei zustimmen - Unerwuenschte Werbung. :)

  9. I place all my text and codes on Notepad and upload it through WordPress and this gives me a clickable link which when clicked goes to a page showing all my text and codes.

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