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    I have a set of notes of 15 pages that contains diagrams. When I paste from word the text appears ok but not the diagrams

    Someone sent me the following advice – Graphics need to be saved as graphics and uploaded as Graphics However I do not know how to do this action.

    Any help gratefully received.

    The blog I need help with is


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    You could save the pages as a pdf and upload that so your readers could download it.
    But if you want to upload the diagrams individually to, then you need to use an image editing program to make each diagram into a jpeg, gif, or png.

    That would be something like Photoshop, Elements, Paint, or others. There are also online image editing aids to do that. Gimp is one, but there are many others.


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    Also, pasting from Word is not a good way to make posts online. Word is a fine enough word processing program but it does not speak internet: using it will add lots of junk code to your posts and will likely break your theme, if not immediately, eventually…lots of trouble.


    Member That should get you started.



    If you have many pages of graphics you might find Scribd helpful – it will take Word documents



    Thank you for the warning about Word. I have many (well over a 100) notes using word.

    Questions 1 – What should I use?

    Questions 2 – Does a method exist for changing my word documents into what ever method you suggest.

    Questions 3 – A USA friend asked me “Are you driving them mad? If I fall into that class, what changes should I make in my communications with you?



    Warning all. I’ve been working with Bill for quite a while and I’ve given him the answers to these questions repeatedly. Your advice is awesome, but it doesn’t resolve the issues he is having. Come on, Bill, get with the program. LOL!

    Bill has literally hundreds of articles in Word that he wants to publish in his WordPress blog as articles. Linking to them is a mess and doesn’t help the messy matters he’s gotten into with too many PDFs and Word document links. He wants them as articles.

    I’ve told him repeatedly to use the PASTE FROM WORD button on the Visual Editor and that future article writing will happen with a text editor. He has all the links to recommendations and advice on methodology from every angle to accomplish all this.

    Thank you all for helping him. He’s doing good stuff but appears to need some backup to the advice I’m giving him. Clearly, he doesn’t realize whom he is working with – LOL!

    Thanks all!

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