How to upload mp3 to wordpress?

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    Hi, just would like to know how do i upload mp3 file to wordpress. I did upload to external site but when i copy paste their embeded link, wordpress did not allow the audio to run.

    Help pls?



    The only choices you have on are discussed here.
    Other choices are not available because they would compromise security. Therefore, the wordpress programming strips out the embed code you are putting in.



    Would help us help you if you stated what the code you’re trying to add in is. We can only guess since you don’t tell us.

    You should be able to upload *.mp3s here like you do with image files.


    so there is no way i can upload to any other free web-hosting and embed player to blog?



    Again, the only MP3 player that you can embed here is Odeo, and it’s dead easy. WordPress doesn’t allow other embeds because of security issues, but with Odeo you can have your MP3s anyway. I don’t know how the uploading Dr Mike is talking about works, but check the FAQ; it should have the answers. Also, the forum Search Box is your friend.



    I could have sworn that we could upload *.mp3s here but Podz says we can’t.

    The only embed’ed method we have is with Odeo. You can read the FAQ on the subject here. That’s for actually embeding audio into your blog.

    Again, if you’re having issues with linking to an offsite audio files, we need to know what specifically you are trying to do so we can help you. (Didn’t I already say that?) Other folks link to offsite audio files fine but we need to see what you are doing to help you.


    hi, this odeo thingy is for mp3 search and and emded it, yes? its not something like a hosting (eg. bolt, youtube) where we can upload our own audios den get the url to put in the blog? as i cant seem to find any function which allows to upload our own mp3



    I think that if you go to this part of Odio then you can upload your own MP3’s:


    oh, i found it. thanks all! =))


    oops, sorry. i found it but i can only put a link to it is it? no way i can put the player on the blog without having readers go to the odeo site to hear it?



    Should work if you put the code in properly.
    Here’s an example:


    It won’t show on the ‘edit’ side of the post but it will show on the front page.


    thanks silfrenwulf! it’s done. thanks alot!

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