How to upload photos with Flickr?

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    (I apologize sincerely if there is an answer to this already out there – I’ve searched through several pages of this forum topic and looked at the FAQ but haven’t found it yet.)

    How can I use Flickr to upload photos to my blog? I’ve tried cutting and pasting the photo link info from the Flickr “all sizes” page on individual photos, but it just stays in my blog post as a bunch of text and never shows the photo. Is there some step that I’m missing here, or is it simply not possible to use Flickr with WordPress?


    I’d also like to know if it’s possible to add a flickr badge to a page or widget? Thanks.



    Yes, both are possible. I’m afraid I’m not the best person to ask, though, as Flickr hates me.

    If you do a search for Flickr widget, you’ll find numerous threads on the subject with instructions.

    Crazyknittinglady, have you posted photos in your blog successfully before? If you have the URL and you’re inserting it in the properly formatted way in the Code editor, or you’re using the Picture icon in the visual editor, it should work properly. Which editor are you using? And you wouldn’t happen to have a Safari browser, would you? For some reason there are errors sometimes with Safari.


    Raincoaster – I’ve posted photos successfully through the ‘write’ post interface, using the file upload format. But I imagine that will quickly fill up my storage space, thus the interest in using Flickr. I tried the Picture icon but didn’t understand how that works through Flickr…Maybe I’m just missing something obvious! I’m using Firefox if that makes a difference.



    You need the actual URL of the photograph on Flickr, not the page it’s displayed on. Does that help? You can use the picture icon once you have that: just move the cursor to where you want the picture, click on the icon, and put the URL in the box. You can resize and align it then.

    In my experience the problem is getting the right URL. Half the time I try to use Flickr pix I only get the tiny grey gif instead of what I’m looking for.

    I’m thinking if they provide a photo link, you could paste it in here. One problem might be if you’re trying to paste actual code in the visual editor, or just pasting the URL in the code editor without any code. Can you paste the URL in here for us to look at? Just to be safe, put it between backticks -- >like this`



    I suspect the problem may be that you are pasting the code into the visual editor. If you click on the “code” tab on the editor (where you enter all the stuff for your blog post) and then past the code in there, it should work.

    I usually paste the code roughly in the spot where i want it then go back to the “visual” tab to refine positioning, etc.


    Honestly the easiest way to post flickr entries to your blog is set up your “blog this” in flickr itself, that way it sends the title, text and photo straight to an entry on your blog from flickr.



    Does that work with blogs, though? I thought I had heard that it didn’t for some reason.


    judyb12 – thank you for that suggestion, I will try that the next time I make a post with a photo.

    forevrdelayed – I had tried that option with some difficulty but had used the pasted code with success previously when I used a Blogger account, so that is why I had been trying that again here on WordPress. It was user-friendly in that venue and had (perhaps less wisely) made the assumption that it would also be a user-friendly option here.


    Working with the Flickr image code from the “all sizes” page on the image did work, I just pasted it into the WordPress post using the ‘code’ page instead of the ‘visual’ page. A simple fix, after all!



    I didn’t find any of the forum items above helpful, but I did “accidentally” figure out how to add blogs to flickr. Neither flickr or wordpress make this obvious.

    When you click on one of your photos in flickr, a button bar appears above the photo. One says “Blog this” (why don’t they put a link to this on the Your Photos page?) When you click on it and don’t have any blogs linked, it prompts you to add one. Then you follow the instructions. Annoyingly, after you’ve added a blog, the link to add additional blogs goes away. After digging through the Flickr FAQs, I found the add-a-blog page:

    The title of this page is “Your account/Blogs,” but in there is no link from the main Flickr Accounts page. Please flickr folks, can you add one? Thanks!



    If you want flickr admin to take note of your feedback then please send it to flickr.

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