How to use ‘Downloaded Themes’ ?

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    Hi, mind helping me out?
    I got some problems in inserting WordPress themes – themes out of the dashboard. I’ve downloaded Filezilla for my FTP program, and WordPress .zip (is this even needed?). And I got stuck at managing the Filezilla. Yet I didn’t even figure out how to connect to the host LOL. Is it this way?

    User: (my user name in wordpress)
    Password: (my password in wordpress)
    Port: ** i heard it’s either ’21’ or ’22’.. which should i pick? or should it remain blank?

    I’ve been checking for guidance regarding to this topic. However none really get me out; I’m terribly stress here. Readers, please help me on this one. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    This is the wordpress.COM support forum. We don’t have FTP access to our blogs and cannot install anything into them. I suspect you may be lost and may have intended to post to http://wordpress.ORG/support because we only provide support here for blogs being free hosted by wordpress.COM


    It is not possible to upload themes or modify theme HTML at Uploading themes is only available for self-hosted blogs. See to learn about the differences.

    You can choose from the themes we have in Appearance -> Themes, and there is also a paid upgrade option to allow you to modify CSS for those themes.



    Ah thankyou, and sorry for the trouble.
    I’m into a serious problem now… I could not view my blog or even my profile details. It says, ‘Oopsie! We detected a problem. Don’t worry: we’re fixing it right now.’
    It has been like this for couple hours. I’m worried now. When will it get fixed?



    I’m sure Staff are working as hard and as quickly as they can to restore everything. Not to worry.

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