How to use my own existing domain?

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    I have a question about using my own existing domain. I have a website, and I want to include a blog page in it (
    Could anyone explain what I have to do?
    Also do I have to give up my original web design in order to accommodate word press blog in it?
    I heard I have to use existing theme even if I purchase CSS upgrade, right?

    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is



    You won’t be able to use with a blog, although you could use

    It would require the paid Domain Mapping upgrade.

    You would NOT be putting your blog “in” your website, so you wouldn’t need to change anything at your website. If you wanted to make the blog actually, technically a part of the website, you’d have to install software from WordPress.ORG instead and handle all the technical details yourself.

    And yes, even with the purchased CSS upgrade, all that allows you to do is edit an existing theme here. You can’t add external themes; those are for WP.ORG blogs instead.


    And by “edit an existing theme here” Raincoaster means the CSS for the theme. We cannot edit the underlying theme PHP script files.



    Thank you so much for your help!
    I’ll check “Domain Mapping” upgrade. Definitely I don’t want to deal with all the technical issues myself…..



    Do you have webhosting or just a domain name? Most hosts have an installation script for a WordPress blog. It’s still possible to install even if they don’t provide you with one, but I am guessing that you don’t have the technical skills for that.

    If you do your own hosting, your data on does not transfer automatically, but there are ways to do that.



    Did you notice that the question had already been answered before you posted?

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