How to use tags correctly?

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    I have just started adding tags to my blog (I previously only used categories), but – in spite of searching previous discussions here – I am not sure I totally understand the precise detail of how they work.

    melchett mike (my blog) is a rather focused blog (on life in Tel Aviv/Israel and I have also written a popular series on my old school).

    If my understanding of how tags work is correct, on a post on a specific secondhand bookstore in Tel Aviv (my last post), it is rather pointless using a tag such as “secondhand bookstores”. I should instead use “Halper’s Books”, “secondhand bookstores in Tel Aviv”, “Tel Aviv”, etc.

    Similarly in my “Hasmo Legends” series (on my former school Hasmonean), tags such as “schools” and “teachers” are rather pointless if I consider that it will only appeal to ex-pupils or people in the Jewish community. I instead used simply “Hasmonean”, the name of the specific teacher I wrote about, and “London’s Jewish Community” (there again, should I add every variation: “London Jews”, “Jews of London”, “Jewish Life in London”, “London Jewish Life”, etc?!)

    Is my understanding correct (i.e., that I should keep the tags for my particular blog rather more specific)?

    And do tags work for searches across the Web, or only within WordPress?

    Please feel free to look at how I have tagged my posts so far on the blog, and let me know if I have the right idea!

    Most appreciative of any feedback. Thanks a lot.


    The blog I need help with is


    Yes you’ve got it quite right. Categories should be the general sub-groups of your posts, while tags should be more specific key-words related to the content of a particular post.

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