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How to use the 'more' button while creating a text post

  1. I know I can click 'more' icon in the toolbar while creating a text post, and it will basically hide some of the text, but I can't figure out how to use it. I tried to put my text inside the area, but it still didn't do what it was supposed to do, it didn't 'hide' any of the text. Make sense?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The result of inserting the more tag exactly where you want text to split text is that only an excerpt appears on the front page of the blog. When clicked the entire post is displayed on its own page. Did you read this guide?

  3. So maybe I wasn't supposed to cut my text (what I wanted to display under more), and paste into that area. I will try again....

    Didn't work. I'm trying to do it on this page:

    for the 3rd testimonial down. I inserted it right by the 2nd paragraph and it didn't work. I only want the first paragraph showing and the other paragraphs in that particular testimonial to be 'more'. Could you walk me through it because I'm stuck? :(

  4. Volunteers cannot view previews.

    You can insert "the more tag" only once into any post.
    Are you clear on that?

    For other methods of splitting content see here:

  5. I knew you couldn't preview, but also knew that you could at least go to my page and see which area I was referring to. Thank you for the link. I couldn't find it when searching in the wp help area.

  6. Ah...can't be done on a page. That's why it wasn't working.

  7. Of course not. Pages always display on their own page. On its own page, a post split with the More tag appears without it. The More tag only affects the post's appearance on the main Blog.

    Perhaps what you want is pagination instead.

  8. I think I read up on it and it doesn't apply? If you think it does, how exactly would I do it?

  9. Thank you raincoaster. I had read about it, but I didn't want it opened on another page. It's a client comment that is lengthy and I wanted to shorten it a little (like with the more button). But thank you for trying to help me with this.

  10. For Pages, there is no other option.

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