How to use the qoute setting when writing a post?

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    I am needing some help to find out how to use the quoting tool when writing a post. I don’t know how to stop the quote. Thanks for the help.



    you highlight the text you want in a blockquote and you click on the blockquote symbol. To end a blockquote, you go to the end of the blockquote, press enter twice or you could simply goto the html editor and start typing and then in the visual editor you will see that it automatically ends the blockquote. This might sound confusing, but I hope this helps.


    The quote button is a toggle. When you are done with the quote hit return/enter to get a new line and then click the quote button again an it will terminate the quote. The behavior of this button has changed back and forth as new upgrades and come and gone.


    @aw1923‘s explanation (highlighting the text you want as a quote) works as well, but I just tried hitting return twice (even 3 times) and it no longer terminates the quote – at least in Safari 3 on a Mac.



    whoa sorry about that, the enter thing doesn’t work, I probably should have said something to the effect of what you said, listening to heavy metal while volunteering at the forum makes for not so good help LOL, thats for the notice tsp



    “thats for the notice tsp” I meant THANKS for the notice tsp…ok, Im going to bed now :)


    It’s changed back and forth with each version of wordpress. I never know how it will work until I’ve tried it. Then all I have to do is hope I remember by the time I use it again.

    Pleasant dreams aw1923.


    The simplest way (in either the visual or the html editor) is to write everything as normal text, then highlight the quotation section and click the blockquote icon (once).

    The toggle way (in the visual editor) is: click BQ icon after a paragraph change, write quotation, click BQ icon again after a paragraph change.

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