How to use typekit fonts on ALL blog subpages?

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    I’ve set up a free wordpress blog on, and I have been playing about with fonts from typekit (the free version). I can get the custom fonts to appear on my blog’s homepage, but when I open any other page the custom fonts do not appear (e.g. the ‘About’ page, or the page that opens when I click on an idividual post).

    Has anyone else had success in this area? I know typekit only allows you to apply fonts to one website with a free account. Does this mean that my home page is literally the only one website that I can apply fonts to? Or am I doing something else wrong?

    Thank you!



    @divorziato: TypeKit asks you what theme you use so that they can apply the fonts consistently throughout your blog.

    It appears you are using the theme Twenty Ten, which TypeKit does not support at the moment. If using a TypeKit font is a must, you must select one of the themes they support (from the drop-down menu):

    • PressRow
    • Contempt
    • Ambiru
    • Freshy
    • Cutline (Coraline)
    • Kubrick
    • Ocean Mist
    • Digg 3 Column
    • Black Letterhead
    • Vigilance

    Hope this helps! Good luck



    I just noticed this blog entry about TypeKit and Twenty Ten. You might want to give it a try


    @divorziato: Your website is your whole blog. Using Typekit you can change the font of any element on all pages, but this requires experience in CSS editing. You can post at the CSS section of this forum, mentioning what exactly you want to change. Or you can consult the post airodyssey linked to.

    Note: airodyssey’s initial reply is completely wrong: all themes support Typekit.



    @panaghiotisadam: I stand corrected :-) But on the other hand, TypeKit should perhaps make it easier to use their custom fonts on themes OTHER than the ones in the drop down menu.

    I had noticed that the custom font on my blog applied to H2 headers in posts but not in pages. I added .entry h2 to the “selectors” and now it works.


    @airodyssey: As I said to divorziato, to use Typekit effectively you need experience in CSS editing. If you’re using Firefox, you can add the Aardvark and Firebug add-ons that help identify selectors.

    In my opinion, making things easier for WP users is not Typekit’s business, because it’s not their fault if each designer names things his own way. (For example, would it ever occur to you that one designer has named the footer “glass-bottomblock”?)

    By the way, where is that dropdown you’re talking about?




    Thank you guys, that article helped me understand what I was doing wrong. Your help is much appreciated!


    @divorziato: You’re welcome.

    @airodyssey: Thanks. No such dropdown with me; perhaps you have upgraded to a paid Typekit plan?



    @panaghiotisadam: I have a free plan. The dropdown appears when I click on the “Change” link under “Page Elements” > “You’re currently using the ## theme.” You can partly see the link on the top left corner of the screenshot I provided.


    Strange… Mine has Selectors, Weight&Styles, Subset, CSS Stack – no Page Elements.

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