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how to verify blog for alexa?

  1. Hey guys,
    I don't know where's a root file in a blog and not even meta tag.So how to verify a blog in alexa??Can you tell me how?

    Thans for helping

    The blog I need help with is

  2. hey,someone please reply.....i'll die waiting........

  3. @jayantraj7
    Please go to the internet and locate the link to Alexa and take care of what you want to do there all by yourself. Why? Because this is NOT a wordpress.COM issue and we Volunteers are neither babysitters nor servants.

  4. i posted in here coz if i'd have done it in off topic then i'd get my answer in some days or never........and i didn't got anyother suitable place for positng

  5. Stop this! Simply stop posting here and go and take care of your personal business.

  6. I think Alexa has forums. Look there.

  7. ok......... :(

  8. @raincoaster problem is solved...i verified it just now..but it's not showing now...does it take time?

  9. Ask at Alexa.

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