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How to verify my blog via

  1. Hello,

    I want to sell my blog via auctions. To verify my ownership i need to insert metatag ir upload txt file. However there is no posibillities to do it for my self. Can wordpress staff insert manually metatag for my site? Or how can i verify my blog in other ways? Metatag <meta name="verifyownership" content="f9ba0cb8e1aa736532a028295aa6a4ec" />

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you referring to a free blog being free hosted by If so then we cannot access metadata on free hosted blogs.

  3. Yes it is free hosted, so how could i verify it? Maybe admins could manually insert following metatag in my blog?

  4. I flagged this thread for a Staff response.

  5. Thanks <meta name="verifyownership" content="f9ba0cb8e1aa736532a028295aa6a4ec" /> This is a metatag

  6. Since everyone shares the same Theme code and meta tags are part of the Theme - manually inserting the code in the theme would put your meta code on all of the blogs that use the same theme - sort of a mess I would think -

  7. i just wanna verify my blog so it could be listed on google and other search engines

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