How to verify your site with Google Meta Tag

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    I am trying to verify the website of the community services organisation I work for and can’t find any help through WordPress or Google. We have the latest version so I have seen many instructions on how to do it online but these don’t work as there is no Header section under appearance or themes or anywhere else on the site!
    I have been trying to paste a screen shot here but it seems I’m not allowed to do that.
    My menu options are dashboard, posts, media, pages, comments, appearance, users, tools, settings. The sidebar and header are all in black, not the typical white wordpress site you see in the search results.
    It seems like in this version there are less options!
    Please can anyone help me?



    What is the exact URL starting with http:// of the specific blog you refer to. Without the URL we cannot provide the correct answer.


    Hi Timethief- this is not for a blog but a website, .

    Thanks for your help!


    Member is not a blog. This support site is only for blogs, so we cannot help you with that. You need to be at WordPress.ORG for help with that version of the software.

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