How to view full text in post instead of just partial text when in categories?

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    When clicking on the categories on my blog, the site will give partial text instead of giving full text. I would like my readers to be able to view the posts fully instead of in archives where every post is cut short when clicking on the different categories I have separated for my posts.

    The theme I’m currently using in Twenty Ten. I don’t know how to change or where to start changing. Can somebody help me out please?
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    The blog I need help with is



    That’s the way the theme is designed. If this is important to you, you need a different theme. See here which themes to avoid:


    I looked at that tips page and it mentions changing the number of posts displayed in Settings >> Reading.

    I set that to 100, but I’m still only seeing 14 posts on the home page.

    Is that a default on TwentyTen also that can’t be changed?

    If so, is there another theme that looks similar?



    1) Your blog doesn’t display 14 posts: it displays 7 at first, continues with the next 7 when you scroll down to the bottom, and so on, because it’s got auto infinite scrolling on. To display a specific number of posts, you must first disable auto infinite scrolling. See here, section A:
    But setting the number to 100 would be a huge mistake: with all the images and the videos you’ve got, your page would take ages to load (or never finish loading, if a visitor doesn’t have a fast connection). The number of posts per page in your case should be less than 10.

    2. I can’t suggest a theme for you; you can see all themes in action here:


    Not the OP, don’t have scrolling set and don’t have any pictures.

    Just a general question regarding TwentyTen.



    This blog does have infinite scrolling in operation.


    Regardless, it still only displays the 14 most recent posts, never more than that. It is not display 7, then 7, then 7.

    I would prefer it to display more than 14 . I set to 100 as a test, but 50 would be fine.

    If TwentyTen can’t do that for some reason, maybe there is something else that can and is still clean and uncluttered.


    Unchecking Infinite Scrolling seems to have made the change. The discussion of 7 posts, then 7 on a reload was what threw me off since it was definitely more than 7 in my case.

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