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how to view posts from newest to oldest

  1. my current settings for the blog is set from oldest to newest, how and where can i change this to newest to oldest?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you have not created "sticky" posts then this is odd as posts are autmatically displayed in reverse chronlogical order with the latest post on top. Have you created "sticky" posts?

    If so, then if you remove that "sticky" post option from the posts and that should clear up your problem. But, iIf you haven't created "sticky" posts then you will need Staff help

  3. to my recolection i haven't created any sticky notes, i dont even know how to get to that option???

  4. I see only two posts on your blog and both have the date of February 22, 2010.They appear to be in the correct order to me but I'm not aware of the times you published them at.

    You can set your blog to reflect your own timezone here > Settings > General. If you do not change the timezone setting then the blog will be on UTC time (aka Greenwich mean time).

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