how to widen something without knowing its name

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    After choosing a topic on my blog, such as Daily Hill Happenings, the center space that holds my original post and users’ comments is far to narrow. I need to expand this, but I can’t figure out what it is even called. In general, is there a better way to learn the names of the objects in Benevolence, other than trial and error?

    Thank you much,

    The blog I need help with is


    Always include a link to your blog when asking a question since many times we need to look at it in order to help you. Alternately you can link your username to your blog as outlined in #2 in the “8 things to know… ” sticky thread (yellow section) at the top of the main forum page.

    Are you talking about in the CSS?



    how do i make my column wider. it’s ridiculous.



    Options for widening the content column:

    1. Choose a theme with a wider column, or a flexible width.

    2. Install Firebug. Use the ‘Inspect Element’ feature to find the ID or class names of the items you need to widen. On the Themes / Edit CSS tab of your dashboard, write CSS rules to widen them.



    Presuming you’ve purchased the CSS upgrade.



    so the theme examples are exactly how they will appear? they won’t “shrink” on me? Because in the picture it looks like my theme should be wider, but i don’t remember how it was positioned in the example. I just thought it was cool looking because it had like a Halo picture [from xbox 360 not an angle for your older people]. Now that I know what i’m doing and actually get 300 people a day reading my drivel, I’m concerned with the looks.

    Am I rambling?

    Ok so I need to learn programing to widen it? sheesh. I can barely write english.



    Yes, in order to make changes to the width you will have to learn to write CSS and purchase the paid CSS upgrade. But you can test your CSS skills for free using the free preview feature.


    I still have to ask the question, ridiculous or otherwise, because I can’t seem to answer it myself. The site addres is and yes, I am working with CSS. I have never heard of Firebug, but maybe this is what I am missing to understand what code maps to which objects?

    Again, the problem is that after clicking on a topic, the white space for adding comments is far too narrow. I cannot figure out where to change its width in CSS code.

    I would also like user entries to appear most recent first. Can order be reversed?

    Very grateful for the help.

    – Jenny

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