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How to widen the page

  1. Sorry if I stepped out of line there, LOL With you and HTH giving me so much help, I was overcome.

  2. Actually, I think it was devblog (henceforth to be known as HTH)'s mistake first. My name is Ros.

  3. HA, on many levels

  4. my bad, sorry for misspelling your name, Ros.

  5. My address is

    I tried using the CSS posted by Devblog, but it was apparently built for another template. =/

  6. So I am still needing help. One hundred thousand million billion trillion jelly doughnuts for the person who can solve my problem. ;-) Just kidding... please help.

  7. You're using Kubrik, loveinspired. The code I gave to fairegarden was indeed for another theme.

    You want something as wide as fairegarden's theme?

  8. Sure that would be great!!

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