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How to work on my blog behind the scenes

  1. HI!
    I'm a very novice blogger. So I'm taking the time to learn how to create a good blog. So I'm working from the bottom up, testing various themes, creating menus, etc. I would like to work on my blog without the public being able to see it while I'm working on it. Ideally, I would like to have a coming soon page up with maybe a countdown or a simple under construction page would work. That way people that land on the blog wouldn't see the work in progress, but they would see a note saying under construction or coming soon. Meanwhile I could see the development of my blog as I'm working on it. Is this possible?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Create a Static Page, under Settings->General select that as the start page of the blog, and make all the other pages Private.

  3. Thanks timethief and raincoaster!
    timetheif, I'm having problems with connecting my RSS feed with Feedburner. I saw online that you have a really great post about connecting your RSS feed with WordPress.
    But when I tried to do it, Feedburner said they could not find a valid feed at
    Can you help me figure out why not?

  4. It's also saying that my blog is a self hosted WordPress blog, but i'm not at all!! I'm so confused!

  5. Not to worry. Remain calm as Staff will sort this for you.

  6. You don't actually have any blog posts yet. Your feed won't work until you publish a post.

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