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    I need some advice on how to write math equations in a blog. I came across a plugin, latexrender, but don’t know how to set it up.

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    You can’t install plug-ins here.

    If I remember correctly <sup>Superscript</sup> and <sub>Subscript</sub> work, so you could use that along with html entities for mathematical symbols.

    Your image would work if you used ” rather than ” quotes. It looks like it could be very useful.



    Thank you alunsalt.



    You can also insert special characters from the WP editor. Use Alt + b (big thank-you to unclesuuu for mentioning this in the forum) to bring up the advanced toolbar. Click the “omega” to insert a custom character. Has superscripts (1, 2, 3), Greek letters, and a bunch of other stuff. I will use it later for a post that involves pi. Hope this helps.



    Ideally it’s a plug-in. In that case it’s time for a feedback. Basically what you are asking for is language support. The language is mathematics; used by a greater number of users than english language. I personally dont think that a request for mathematics language support would be unreasonable.

    The work-arounds mentioned above do have a limited use. However,there’s a whole lot of math that we can only express here as yet in graphics. The short term answer is to write the equation on paper; take a photo; then upload to your blog. Or, write the equation on screen using a graphics application; then upload. Make sure that the files are as small as can be but still readable -because in the longer term you’re going to run out of that 25MB of graphics storage at WordPress.



    This suggestion is right along the lines of what forestneeds has said. I found a workaround for tables and charts was to load them into microsoft paint and make it into images that could be uploaded.



    Another alternative is to use MathML, I once found an online converter which will convert typed math expressions to mathml. You can then just paste this code into the html editor of wordpress. The problem with MathML is that not everyone can see it. Using Internet Explorer a plugin is required on the user end. Firefox, on the other hand has built-in MathML support.



    Check out this MathML page:

    It provides several solutions for MathML input.

    What you REALLY need is a program that will let you write equations as MathML and then create GIF or PNG image files you could upload to your blog.



    Check out these guys:

    They have an online program that will create bitmap images equations for you after you enter in some MathML:

    – enter equation in MathML
    – generate bitmap image
    – save it (maybe convert it to GIF or PNG to make it smaller)
    – upload image to blog



    Well, I have something to share on this subject. I’m taking an Intro Algebra class, and I wanted to share a little about what I was doing in this class. So, I tried to input an exponential expression. Over the years of internet use, I’ve seen people use the “^” symbol for exponents. So I used that and got some weird stuff! If you would like to view it, and give me some input, I would surely appreciate it.


    BTW, here is the actual text that I typed in using the WordPress editor:

    // paste
    So, 4^-5 is the same as saying 1 / 4^5 (^ means exponent / means division).
    //end paste

    It’s almost as if there is a means of escaping the ^ in the first exponential expression.

    Ok, I just escaped the exponents with the “^”, and things look a lot nicer now :)



    Kaltizer, you need to be over at as you’re running different software than we are here at

    You may also want to point to a specific post where this is occuring since I’m sure you don’t want to make folks search to see what you are talking about as well. :)

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    The tag <sub> worked with me. Really thanks!
    But I would like the operator >= , I tried alt+B but any dialog apeared. What I should do to get >= and <= operators?



    test just ignore

    ≤ ≥



    & # 8 8 0 4 ;
    & # 8 8 0 5 ;

    Without the spaces.

    hope this helps,



    I teach math and would really like to have a blog/wiki that would let me quickly jot down equations. Having to upload images or cutting/pasting ad-hock MathML code defeats the purpose. It also is a nightmare to maintain and edit. Wikipedia figured out how to incorporate math using LaTeX gracefully into there engine in a natural, user-friendly, and maintainable way. Why can’t any of the blog providers do this? Plugins like LatexRender may help, but none of the sys-admins seem interested in turning them on. Clearly there is interest, no?

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