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how to you upload word or pdf files?

  1. hello. is there any way of linking to large text files such as .doc or .pdf.???

  2. I would suggest doing a search for pdf and seeing if any of those thread help you. Ditto on the doc. Both types of files have been discussed previously.

  3. *.pdf's are uploadable as well. Can't remember the *.docs though.

  4. Sure, both are uploadable here, but be careful not to fill up your 50 MB with a few linked documentes. notjustthenews which do you mean by linking?

  5. Dude,
    Do you want people to click on the file and download your pdf or doc files?
    Do the steps:
    Write the post or whatever your are writing in the editor. And, below that you will see upload button. Go the get the file uploaded. Make sure you name the file and write something on the description as well. Then, send the file to the editor.

    Go to the following link to see how it operates:

  6. hello dreamne. have taken your advice. uploaded .pdf file giving it a title. now is it a question of waiting? how do I create the link that you click to download the file? thanks.

  7. notjustthenews, see

    And reply here if you still have any questions.

  8. When I try to upload an excel page, it tells me it can't do that for security reasons. how can I fix this?

  9. OK, I'm not trying to put text in my blog, I want people to be able to download an excel file that has 8,000+ items in it. Any way to do this, link it to my blog?

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