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how too find out where my blog rinks

  1. any way to find out where my blog ranks compared to other blogs at wordpress. ranked my traffic.
    my blog is not that big but its decent i pull a 1000 + views a month. maybe if members would know where they rank they would push to better their blog so they can move up

    please let me know and or if you think its a good idea


    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no internal blog ranking system other than what you find here on the Blogs of the Day site and under Freshly Pressed here. What's important to me is is how my blogs are ranked by Google.

  3. how do u check the ranks on google

  4. You go to Google search and type in page rank checkers. There are many to choose from. It takes approximately 6 months of focused writing and frequent publishing of original content that attracts back links to achieve a page rank. The factors contributing to page rank are many, but the most important one is back links to your posts from other similar blogs in the same niche that your own blog is in.

  5. Try as well.

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