How to’s adding Technorati, digg,, others – HELP!

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    Hello all. Relatively new blogger, and wanted to say thanks for all the help. I’m going to start using the generator shared by dissfunktional, see if that’s enough. If not, I’ll graduate to the full sunburntkamel code.



    Let me revise that statement — it’s easy to include them all! Thanks again.



    hi sanjidabd! we missed you know. :-)

    hi kstafford – are you sure? hmmm…

    cparente – yeah, dissfunktional suggestions are all good! and welcome to wordpress!



    kstaff, it’s probably the program you’re doing the editing in. Try using Wordpad and paste them in using “Remove Formatting” because I find in every case where it won’t work it’s because the quotes have been converted to curly quotes. If that doesn’t work, follow sanjidabd’s instructions for the other widget.


    I was banned on Digg this week. They emailed me back asking if I cleared cookies and cache.


    i have created an Addthis social bookmarking bookmarklet for blog posts

    it will help you generate addthis codes for individual blog posts easily and without failure.
    enjoy! :D


    i edited the permalink cos there was a mistake. please try this one instead:

    Addthis bookmarklet for blogposts

    i’m truly terribly sorry for the inconvenience.



    You guys really know what you’re doing. I’m a 2-week-old blogger trying to figure out what I need to do to promote my blog. I read on the WordPress site that THEY send notification to Technorati and the other big sites each time we write a post. If that’s so, why is more necessary, and WHAT exactly is necessary? What does doing an add-this bookmarketlet do for a blog that tags don’t already do?



    They do. They let all the major search engines including Technorati blog search/ranking know automatically every time you make a post.

    Those add-ons let other people recommend you to social bookmarking sites like Digg, etc, where stories are recommended by individuals, presumably on merit. There is no automatic submission for those sites, because that would be spam. They are not the same.

    Tags do not do either of those things.




    thanks bpnoy3!


    I can’t tell you all how useful this thread has been. It’s really quick to post and then go back and add all the links. Huge thanks to all involved – now I just need people to start clicking!



    Just a quick note: For now, when you edit a post be SURE to click on All Categories. Otherwise you will lose any categories not on your Most Used list. Hopefully staff will fix that soon, but for now always do that first thing when you click Edit.



    oh my! then I will not edit posts for the meantime! and keith, im glad its been useful to you too. maybe you can post the link of your new posts to What is your new post for today thread.. :-) you will never know, some would click it.



    I couldn’t get Sunburntkamel to work until I reread some of the details in support threads. In my configuration I had to open the downloaded template in Word, copy the code and then paste it into a Notepad Document. Otherwise I was getting alot of code prior to the buttons and after.



    GetSocial is a free Social Bookmarking application made especially for bloggers. It will put Social Bookmarking icons in your posts and/or an button on your blog – it’s fast, easy to use, friendly and free!

    Get it here:
    Hillel :)

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