How Upload PHP Widget to WordPress?

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    I found in one of the FAQ’s that Sphere is a good thing for finding related articles. So I went to sphere, and they have a widget that can be uploaded to WordPress. But I don’t know how to follow the instructions for uploading the widget. It says 1. Copy the file sphere-related-content.php into your plugins directory (wp-content/plugins/). I don’t know if I have such a directory. Is this related to the, or is it for people who have their own wordpress code? If it can work here, please tell me how.

    Jerry Waxler

    P.S. Is my “Profile” URL supposed to be my wordpress url,



    Yes, your profile URL is supposed to be your wordpress URL, so we can see your blog and help answer technical questions faster.

    And no, you can’t upload plugins here at; those instructions are for blogs. There may be a workaround for, but you’d have to ask them or paste the code in here so we can take a look at it and maybe adapt it. Paste the code between backticks. Backtics are at the top of your keyboard, the extreme left-hand side, and look like this: `



    The plugin code is probably php though. We can’t run php code here within a widget.






    Life is full of small disappointments but do not despair. WordPress has another alternative that runs on different software than this wp-MU wordpress multi-user blogging platform does.

    You can move to self hosting your own blog or you can hire a web host and have him or her download a free blog template from

    And the other good news is that once you have done that
    (1) you can import the contents of your blog into it
    (2) and you can use such a php plug-in on your new blog. :)

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