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How was the last movie that you saw?

  1. i saw alice in wonderland for the second time last week. loved it. johnny depp is amazing.

  2. bounty hunter

  3. bounty hunter :) it was amaaaaaazzingg

  4. i can't wait to see bounty hunter. gerard is a sexy man beast who should always be nekked. always.

  5. I saw Sherlock Holmes. Not that recent but I was too lazy to drag my body to theatres so i waited for the DVD. I thought the movie was excellent but unlike may people, I didn't see it as a pure entertainment. I think the movie is very revealing of what's happening behind closed doors between those who hold the power. While the bad guy turned out to be a charlatan at the end, I believe there is a dark side to politics.

    So entertain yourselves but also try to ponder over these things.

  6. themoviereport

    As I write a movie blog, I see plenty of movies. The last one I watched was Pandorum, which was ok, but could have been a lot better. My review is available on my blog.

  7. I saw this Collateral Damage... Later realized that I have wasted my time.. :|

  8. I saw the Last Song, and normally i don't like miley cyrus, but the movie was superly amazing. :)

  9. The last movie I saw was Zombieland, and it was awesome.

  10. @kdavidson828

    Cheers mate... Even I like Zombieland. It awesome :)

    I, for the second time saw 'The One'

    Jet Li rocks... As always... I like the villain Law more than the hero.. :D

  11. Planet 51
    It was okay. Not the best story line, but there were some funny parts. Also the ending could have been better.

  12. The Prestige. Full of twists.

    @freddiemaize, Jet Li is GREAT. The One was a good movie:D.

  13. Where the Wild Things Are.

    Great movie. That damn Max...

  14. The last movie I saw is PEACOCK, it's a good movie with amazing acting talent.

  15. No One Knows About Persian Cats

    Pretty good.

  16. @philodyssey, Yes he is!! :D Long live the king Li!!

    I, for the 6th time saw 'Gangster No.1' My all time favorite movie. The movie is full of style and class.

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