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How Was your first month of traffic?

  1. travelingdutchmen

    right now ive got 4 hits. G didnt promote yet. Any tips? Aj

  2. First of all, make sure that when people click on your username, they can go to your blog. Second, get and RSS Feed. Third, Sign up with Technorati. Fourth,register at Blogcatalog. And make sure that your site is visible to search engines.

    Then you'll get traffic.

  3. Yay 5 months here at WordPress! Ich Regel!

  4. huh?

  5. I was here at WP for 5 months. Ich Regel means I rule in German.

  6. Oh cool. You're German then?

  7. Do you like the bf 109 g2 airplane? it rocks. I was just shooting baddies in Aces high 2!
    Okay back on topic.

  8. I don't live in Germany but I have lots of German in me though. I love speaking German phrases.

  9. Cool.

  10. Ok. . .

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