How will WordPress 3.0 affect

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    Member is based on the codebase. is about to see a major release: 3.0.

    How do you think 3.0 will affect

    1. Documentation on 3.0 changes:

    2. My series of posts on 3.0:

    The blog I need help with is



    Quite often we get features before the independent WP software gets them, so it’s probably the other way around. Stuff is tried here before going into a upgrade.



    I agree with raincoaster. We are the BETA testing community … lol :D


    When is the 3.0 version supposed to come out? I am looking forward to it :) (I heard it offers drop-down menus)



    I do believe that Staff has been working on this all weekend … lol :D


    What will actually show up here as far as 3.0 features is anyone’s guess. There could be some things that will not show up here due to the limitations here.

    We will just have to wait and see.


    BTW, the 3.0 roadmap still shows “no date set” so the release of the .ORG version could be anytime between now and Christmas. Beta 1 came out a while ago and typically there is a Beta 2 and then perhaps an RC1, 2 and possibly 3 (RC being release candidate).

    From the looks of the roadmap, and the number of recent “high” priority bugs that have been reported, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a quick release.



    Both the .org release and the corresponding changes on will happen very soon.

    It’s pointless giving a specific date because it’s guaranteed to be wrong – the release is based on things working, not on a timetable.

    That said, you might have noticed WordCamp San Francisco is on next weekend.


    WCSF did cross my mind. I always sit back and watch the new releases for fireworks from a safe distance and when I’m sure it’s safe, then I’ll upgrade.



    LOL … I’m no eager early adopter and that’s for sure. ;)

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