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    Since blog visits are the “currency” of advertisers, I am very aware of trying to get a good handle on how may readers are actually seeing my content.

    If I link my WP blog posts to places like Facebook, tumblr, or any number of other places DOES WP still count those viewings in its tally of viewings? For instance, most EVERY blog entry of mine is a video clip hosted outside of WP (by Viddler in most cases). Will viewing that video on Facebook (if I automatically link my WP entry to my newsfeed) count in my overall viewing stats?



    WordPress only counts actual visits to your blog. They would have to view the video from your blog in order for you to get a hit.

    That is one of the disadvantages of scattering your stuff all over the internet like pebbles on a road. You end up with virtually no way to tell exactly how many people are actually viewing your stuff unless all the places you scattered your stuff track that for you. In that case you then have to add everything up. In the case of videos though, the place you hosted the video may also count views from your blog or anywhere else that video may have been posted, which means the stats are skewed and becomes totally useless.



    If an old man has made a right c-up is there any way to delete all you’ve done and then start again . Like it says, ” read the ,,,,,thing before you start ” In ref to count of hits what would be a way around it. I intend to put a site with posts- I’m assuming that you can have 10-20 whatever and that these can be replied to etc.
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    Thanks, “thesacredpath”

    This is EXACTLY what I have been fearing. It’s a double-edged sword, of course. I’d like to get more people to see my posts, but if I can’t track how many more people are seeing it, then the act becomes much less meaningful because I MOSTLY want to gather NUMBERS — not just ubiquitous “fame” or something…. Hmmmm any other suggestions?

    Anybody here know about advertising rates/numbers? I mean — If i could show a weekly viewer number of something like a THOUSAND people, mebbe anything above that won’t matter so much. What’s the minimum number of viewers advertisers are interested in?

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    Before you get carried away with your advertising thoughts, read
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