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How'd it happen that my blog went from to

  1. Today I was notifed by WordPress that my blog was no longer with, that it was with How'd that happen? The only change I made was in June when I purchased my domain through WordPress for $17. If that transferred me to, it wasn't clear in the wording. I thought I was just buying my name "hugmamma" so no one else could use it. Had I thought it was making me responsible for doing everything myself, I would never have bought my domain name.

    Please help. I've no idea what to do now. That all occurred in June, and only now am I being told something is different, that it was an oversight on WordPress' part. I'm really confused.

    Thanks for the help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What site of yours did they say was move to .ORG?

  3. This site, , is most definitely still right here at

  4. Now I am confused because sure looks like it is still hosted on WordPress.COM to me and looking at Whois shows the name servers still pointing to WordPress.COM

    WordPress.ORG is not a host - they are the keepers of the WordPress software.

  5. I'm wondering if perhaps staff sent a guided transfer notice to the wrong account owner?

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