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    Hi @timethief =P

    So is there a definitive way to be social with you other than either posting here, or inviting you to be a contributor on my site?



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    I’m sorry but the answer is no and thanks for the invite but I must decline. I don’t socialize online at all because my offline friends are pissed that I don’t spend enough time with them as it is.

    I’m as eccentric as they come. One either subscribes to my blog and comments there or they never hear from me at all.

    I don’t have the time or inclination to be a contributor to anyone’s site. I multitask from my business and answer questions here while I run chron jobs for my contracted work. I have a personal blog that’s starving for content.

    Best wishes to you with your blog and in all you do. :)


    It’s okay, I understand hectic time management.

    I myself and starting a gaming community/company and have chosen WordPress to do it (after a few long months of deciding, testing, and thinking). I decided on and not WordPress the software, mainly because I trust the servers at WP more than any other webhost at the moment.
    Which brings me to an “actual” support question…

    Come the time when my site has reached, say, almost half a million views a month or so, aside from domain purchasing, upgrade purchasing, and etc., what would be a good practice to keep my website at so that the WP servers wouldn’t shut down my site?

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