Howto disable Google Analytics?

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    Hi, I dont like Google Analytics on my site because it means that visitor data from my country is transfered to Googles USA data centers. So I would like to have it disabled.

    I fear the answer to how to disable is: “You can’t” ?



    Sorry their is No way to disable Google Analytics here at



    You can’t.



    Did Google Analytics come with the new Stats System or has it always been here?? What became of “Don’t be evil”,
    Does the Stats System count only visitors that allow to run scripts??



    You have failed to link your username to your blog. see point number 2 in this thread

    Because you have failed to link your username to your blog, we cannot verify if you are referring to a free hosted wordpress.COM blog or to free software you downloaded from wordpress.ORG
    These will help with the determination of the same.

    Suffice to say that if you have a wordpress.COM blog then Google Analystics is being used to provide the in house stats program which reveals page views but not uniques. It cannot be disabled by bloggers on this wp.MU (multi-user) blogging platform as both t3ck and lorawow have stated above. And, if you want that kind of control and the ability to run scripts of your own choosing then you will have to hire a webhost and download free software from

    I hope my answer has been clear and helpful.
    Happy blogging!

    P.S. In cyberspace the overuse of punctuation marks and/or the typing in all capital letters is frowned upon and considered to be rude. It’s usually indicative of a newbie, who is into text speak, and bloggers who communicate this way are not given much credibility by other bloggers, so you might want to consider dropping that habit.



    Hi, timethief,
    I was not seeking advice for my blog. I wanted to say that i would prefer if would not use the google analytics service, because it is not respecting web-surfers privacy. That was, as i understood, why Vinci did want to turn it off (which is, as i’m fully aware of, not possible with a blog).
    I’m not sure why my post did offend you..
    Best regards, dontstop.


    @dontstop, first off, “Don’t be Evil” belongs to Google, not WordPress/Automattic. WordPress/Automattic says, “code is poetry.”

    Secondly, if you are connected to the internet, and use it, everyone everywhere knows when and if you change your underwear. It’s the way it is and quite frankly spending a lot of time worrying about it is futile until there are fundamental changes and not using GA is not all of a sudden going to bring sunny skies and birds chirping. I’m as concerned about the errosion of our privacy and rights as the next person.

    If the fact that WordPress.COM is using GA causes you to lose sleep, then there are other blogging services out there (stay away from Blogger though because… well… it’s owned by big brother Google).

    Or you can register a domain name, hire a web host, install wordpress on the web host and then not do any stats program at all. People will still know every visitor to your website and what they looked at but you will feel better.

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