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    I’m trying to migrate my Biblical Hebrew blog from blogger to WP because I really like the look and readability of WP. However, I have been unsuccessful, so far, in getting the Hebrew font(s) to display correctly. Unfortunately, the only help I was able to find said that I needed to used UTF-8. So, I guess the question is… how do you “use” UFT-8? What setting(s) do I need to change?

    By the way, I’ve set my browser’s (Firefox) default character encoding to UTF-8 and set the preferred languages to English and Hebrew. Also, I have every imaginable Hebrew font installed on my machine — Alas, no joy.

    For an example of how I would like this to look, see http://myhebrewclass.blogspot.com/2010/08/lesson-9-in-situ-vocabulary.html.

    The blog I need help with is myhebrewclass.wordpress.com.



    UTF-8 is the default encoding for Pages and Posts

    Settings >> Reading

    There is “some other encodings)” under the setting that shows other options.




    >UTF-8 is the default encoding for Pages and Posts

    Yes, I know. And thus my question about how to post text containing both Hebrew and English fonts.

    Here is an example from my current [blogger] blog:


    Can I do this using WordPress?




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    Try settings —> general —> language —> save changes

    Also you can modify the interface language in your profile.



    I must be missing something. I appreciate the help, but neither suggestion goes to the issue of inserting a Hebrew word or line in the middle of an English sentence. So, let me take another run at the problem. Using an HTML editor, I can insert one or more lines of Hebrew text in the middle of a page of English words using the <p class=”hebrew-lang”> tag. For example,

    <p class=”hebrew-lang”>

    Where “xxxxx” are the character codes corresponding to the Hebrew text to be inserted between English words/sentences.

    How do I do this in WordPress?

    Thanks, so much




    I believe that all the themes on WordPress.com support RTL already. If you have Hebrew on your computer, then it’s merely a matter of hitting RightAlt+RightShift and Bob’s your uncle.

    לדוגמא, הנה משפט בעברית (Trans: As an example, here is a sentence in Hebrew).

    Let me check around to see if there’s anything special you need to do for the RTL syntax.



    Hi mtp1032

    Can’t really tell from your message if you’re having an encoding issue or a directionality issue, or both.

    Also, your blog on Blogger doesn’t look like it actually has Hebrew text in it, and your blog on WordPress.com has no content at all.

    Can you provide some more information about this issue?

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