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Howto Examine widgets on default sidebar?

  1. How can I examine the widgets on the default sidebar of a theme? I can replace them but how do I examine them to see how they do the way they do.


  2. cross-posted here:

    i'm not sure what you are asking about. does this faq help?

  3. It's a good faq but does not appear to address what I'm concerned about. I'm using a them called Day Dream. It has a sidebar (at the bottom, oddly). I would like to modify what is shown in the sidebar ... but I don't want to lose all of it. So I would like to see how the creator used whichever widgets are in there. Are there 3 text widgets or are some of them a different kind of widget? What code did the creator put in the widgets to get what is shown. That sort of thing. I could randomly try things until I got what I wanted but that seems dumb and could take a long time. If I could see what the code in the default design was, it would be simple to modify (I think).

    BTW, I don't think that was exactly a cross-post. After creating this question I found a discussion which mentioned exactly what I'm asking about and asked the expert the question directly. Cross posting is more about spamming the forum.


  4. in the forums you only need to post a question once. i notified the cross-posting for the reference of other volunteers.

    i tested the daydream theme in my other blog. the default sidebar only uses the categories widget, the meta widget and the archives widget.

  5. OK ... but how did you test it? How can I examine what the sidebar in other themes is (are?) using? I don't doubt it is obvious to a long-time user but it's pretty opaque to me.


  6. i just noticed that it also uses a search widget besides the other 3 i mentioned.

    i think different themes would use different widgets, though most of them would use the essential typical ones like archives and meta. the only way to know what is the default sidebar of a theme is to activate it. that's what i did...

  7. Oh, yeah, and suppose I plunge in and make some changes to the sidebar and no matter what I do I find I am making it worse, rather than better. Is there a way to revert to the default sidebar?


  8. to get back the default sidebar, just remove all the widgets you placed in the sidebar.

  9. Hmmm. OK. I thought I did that in another theme and ended up with just an empty sidebar. Getting old will play tricks on your memory. Thanks.


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