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HowTo: Upload Photos To WordPress 2.5

  1. A bump.

    Plus, I just decided to try everything with Safari under XP. Everything works for me.

    I hope WP fixes it for everyone else having problems!

  2. your tutorial is great for uploading an image within a post - BUT - how do I upload an image to save in gallery, so I can post it in my sidebar? In the 'old' WP, i had no problems, with WP2.5 -being so new and strange, I can not figure it out, despite my efforts...grrr.

  3. BTW - I'm not so sure I'm loving the new WP - aside from it's newness, it is a bit 'busy' and even redundant :P

  4. Sorry, but I can't answer your question. You're asking about something I've never done! Hopefully someone else can chime in.

    BTW, did you contact Support directly? They already solved a problem for me regarding posting a Gallery correctly. They might have the answer for you too. They're available all weekend this weekend.

  5. LOL thanks - since you made a tut, I thought you were a helper at WP - will head over to support :) thanks

  6. Nah, I'm just a plebe blogger.

  7. When i try to upload an image, it says that the image doesnt fit the requirements??? What are these requirements?? (my image is *.jpg)

  8. Make sure your file name contains only numbers and letters, no spaces, no special characters or punctuation, and no underscore characters ( _ ).

  9. I can't get any images to upload. It says "crunching" then goes out to lunch. Similar thing on the two blogs I use for classes.

    It was working fine Friday, then late Friday afternoon everything went haywire.

  10. Bloody hell! If I'd known about that screencast, I wouldn't have bothered!

    Going to add that to my post now -- at the top!



  11. what on earth is crunching, my screen doesn't say it's crunching at all.

  12. Nor do I get a save and publish option on the right side of the screen, just save. On the screen which comes up when I click on 'add image' may be I don't get the whole screen, maybe it does say crunching right over on the right but that is hidden from me. I am going mad here. I need to go and do something that I can do, if you get what I mean, I need to be in control for a little while. My email provider has now crashed or something as well. Bring back quill pens and ink bottles is what I say.

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