code in hyperlink prevents access to page on company computers

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    I am setting up a blog for a virtual team working out of multiple sites in a large healthcare organization. The blog is a center to discussion and sharing of resources. It this contains a number of hyperlinks to other websites and documents.
    However, when the hyperlink in clicked on from a computer within the organization network, the network security blocks the new page. This seems to be triggered because the WordPress software inserts the code at the beginning of the URL address. If I manually remove that piece of code in the address line, access to the page is not blocked. Is there any way to prevent this piece of code from being added? The organization cannot remove their “trigger” for security reasons

    The blog I need help with is



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    Yes, from Settings -> Reading in your blog’s Dashboard, check “I would like my links to be public, without being passed through a referrer hider.”

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