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    I currently have access to an Apache webserver where in a folder are the content/webpages of an old Internet-site.

    The main/original URL has been relinked already to the
    I have not installed WordPress on a server; I use the online environment for displaying and editing.

    However, I don’t want to delete all the content/directory immediately on the webserver, and am wondering if by means of a .htaccess file this directory can be rerouted to the WordPress-environment.

    If htaccess is not the perfect way, which is? And how do I do this?

    Which full statement do I have to use – and place this file in the root of the webserver?



    If you want the content on your old web server – if you have a WordPress.ORG install – Export the old blog and import it to your blog here at WordPress.COM – Seems to me there is a check box to ask the pictures to be moved also –

    If your old site is a plain html site then you have a bunch of copy and pasting to do

    You domain name can be mapped to your blog here once you get the content moved:



    The old site is just content and some folders on a FTP-server.
    This need not to be seen – and indexed – anymore.

    I can delete the content, but would like to “play save” for the moment and redirect the FTP-folder of the old site – and ‘old links’ – to the main blog/site.



    redirect the FTP-folder of the old site – and ‘old links’ – to the main blog/site

    There is no FTP access to free hosted blogs.



    Basically for now is just the folder to the blog-environment.
    At a later moment the ‘old links’ can be redirected.

    How do I do that in a statement (like .htaccess ??) and where do I put this file (the root of the FTP-server, or the root of the directory, or else)

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