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    There is something that I need, and I am not alone.
    I want to create my own blog, with the blog, to use my theme, my plugins… So, it’s easy, I upload it, install, post, transfer the post from… but there is a problem. In, I have some good position in google, it give me visitors. So, if I leave, I’ll lose all of this, and I have to remake everything!

    So, I want to know if it’s possible to add a htaccess redirect, 301 or 302 redirect, to keep these position when I’ll leave

    Thank you for you answer…

    (and sorry for my english!)


    Moderator This is you, yes? Please link your COM blog to your username so forum volunteers don’t have to look for it. :)

    Answer to your question given with a large dose of caution is the yearly domain mapping upgrade

    From my reading of past threads on redirecting COM blogs, the redirect is a 307 (temporary) redirect so this will still affect your google ranking. Click on the tag “redirect” you added as well as the links on that FAQ and spend some time reading before you decide.



    For the url, yes it’s me. Thanks for your help :)

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