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  1. Suddenly, my HTML tab has disappeared for posting. Has anyone else experienced this?

  2. It is called "Code" now.

  3. Right, I have the code tab, but using that I can only get into HTML with great difficulty. Is there a certain way to use it??

  4. To be honest, I would suggest ditching the rich text editor and just using the normal one. You have better control over your HTML anyway with it. You can do this at Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile -> The checkbox near the top.


  5. Hi Dr. Mike,

    Before, in the older version of the editor I was using HTML to clean up and correct what I'd already written using the rich text editor. Now, I have to write in the WYSIWYG mode and then go to profile to uncheck the box that you mention, an then back to the post to clean up, correct in HTML. Makes posting correctly quite a chore. I just wish there was some way to get the old version of the editor back (I had it until a couple of days ago, and then it suddenly disappeared). But thanks for your response.

  6. code is just a new name for the same old HTML tab.

    is there something that you're trying to do that you're having trouble doing?

  7. You're free to make this point to staff via feedback from your dashboard. I'm not a staff member but a volenteer here so I don't get a say in the matter.


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